I’m an Orange County based Leica Photographer.  After years of taking pictures, I have rediscovered my passion for photography with this type of system.  This tool involves the photographer into the capture of an image.  It makes taking a picture to be both a deliberate act and a challenge.

With a Leica, it is up to the photographer to control every aspect of an image. From the exposure, shutter speed, focusing and composition, it is what the photographer intended to capture.  It is a slower process. As a result, it makes each photograph more precious.  Not only is an image captured, it is created.

I love the way this tool renders an image.  With its dynamic range and incredibly sharp lens system, I can now understand the often used term “The Leica Look”.  The images on this site were taken by the Leica Typ 240, the Type 601 and the Typ 116.

This site is dedicated to recording a moment, capturing life and everything in it.  From people, places, pets, creatures, things and events, these are the images that I have come across in my journey.